Gaining that extra room you always had but never had access to.

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Standard Conversion

Having the advantage of requiring no planning permission, the standard conversion would be a popular choice.

Requiring no planning the turnaround time on standard conversions can be very quick. These quick conversions can give you the playroom, guestroom or home office you've always wanted and you still have access to the side attic space for storage.

Domer Conversion

A domer conversion can be an option for some people as they allow for greater headroom. Some roof space are of a low pitch and so a Domer Conversion may be required to make the space comfortable.

The extra headroom gined by the Domer Conversion can allow easier access and a larger staircase. Although there is a gain over the Standard Conversion, Domer Conversions do require planning permission and this will increase the overall conversion cost.

With the extra space given en suite bathrooms can also be fitted to some conversions. An extra bathroom can be a great addition to an busy home.